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Probable Cause
Paperback  Paperback  

Once there had been something between them, something so strong that Lindsey Phillips believed it would last a lifetime. Then Thad McNally had been forced to choose between her and his duty as a federal agent - and his decision shattered her dreams forever.

Thad had dreams of his own, and he refused to let them die. He also had an unsolved crime on his hands, a crime that threatened the only woman he'd ever wanted. He had to protect her - and he had to prove that he deserved her love.

But love demanded trust, and Lindsey swore she would never trust this man with her heart again - or with the secret that haunted her every waking moment.
Genre: Romance
Published: Nov 1991
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN13: 9780373074051
ISBN10: 0373074050