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The Pretender's Crown
Paperback  Paperback  
Magic, lust, and power collide in this sexy novel set amid the glittering courts of Echon, from the author of The Queen's Bastard

C. E. Murphy is the author of several successful urban paranormal romance series for Harlequin Luna. Her first novel for Del Rey, The Queen's Bastard, was eagerly received by her fans. Now the story continues in this second novel.

Belinda Primrose is the queen's bastardG''the illegitimate daughter of Lorraine, first queen to sit on the Aulunian throne. She is also the queen's deadliest weapon, trained as a spy from the age of twelve.

In The Queen's Bastard, Belinda discovered that she had powers unshared by her mother. Now, in The Pretender's Crown, events spiral as one queen is murdered, another is suspected of having plotted to kill her, and armies marshal on both sides. Belinda learns that she is a pawn in a game much greater than she could ever have suspectedG''and suddenly stumbles upon a shocking secret that changes her life forever. Her powers at their greatest, she turns away from her mother for the first time ever, and must decide how to forge a life of her own.
Genre: Romance
Published: Apr 2009
Publisher: Del Rey Books
ISBN13: 9780345494658
ISBN10: 0345494652
Pages: 461