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The Inquisitor: A Medical Thriller
Mass Market  Mass Market  
A SARS epidemic in Buffalo, New York, deflects attention away from a higher-than-usual death rate in the terminal ward of St. Paul's Hospital, as well as a growing number of reports of near-death experiences from the patients in that same ward. Meanwhile, Dr. Earl Garnet, the head of ER and the vice president of the hospital, is accused of administering a morphine overdose to a patient. When he decides to look into the incident himself, he discovers a disturbing connection to the events in the terminal ward--and a host of potential suspects. This is Peter Clement's sixth medical thriller set at St. Paul's.
Genre: Medical
Published: Dec 2005
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN13: 9780345457813
ISBN10: 0345457811
Pages: 370