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Patent to Kill
Hardcover  Hardcover  
hristofferson's gripping novels of medical suspense have drawn favorable comparisons to the works of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook. Now she returns with a page-turning thriller that explores the cutting edge of medicine. It is a new crime for a new century. Biopiracy: the theft of the healing secrets of isolated, indigenous peoples. Rapacious pharmaceutical companies swoop down on remote Third World tribes, steal their folk medicine, native cures, and even human blood, then reap tremendous profits from the patents. Dr. Jake Scully doesn't want to think that his em-ployer, GenChrom, is exploiting anyone, let alone killing natives for the unique properties of their DNA, but when he tries to blow the whistle on the company's criminal activities, he places his life-and his family-in danger.
Genre: Medical
Published: Aug 2003
Publisher: St Martins Pr
ISBN13: 9780312868987
ISBN10: 0312868987
Pages: 336