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Drum into Silence
Hardcover  Hardcover  
On Iomard, Cymels father has been murdered, and she has been trapped by sorcerers in the body of a white bird. Her other-world companion Breith has crossed from Glandair to rescue her. Lyanz, the only one who can save his world from the coming chaos, is sequestered far away. But if he is to be of any use in the upcoming conflict, he must leave his safe haven behind.Bestselling author Jo Clayton died before she could complete her masterwork, The Drums of Chaos series. Her friend and proteg Kevin Murphy, a successful author himself, has worked closely with the outline and early chapters she completed. The result is a thunderous conclusion to this irresistible tale.
Genre: Fantasy
Published: Dec 2002
Publisher: St Martins Pr
ISBN13: 9780312861209
ISBN10: 0312861206
Pages: 399