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Galatea 2.2
Paperback  Paperback  
Richard Powers' people are ideas and his ideas are people; and so, right away, he sets himself apart from writers who sketch an engaging intellectual path but don't find characters to tread it. 'Galatea 2.2' is about a man who programs an artificial intelligence system only to find it is more human than he is. Powers' characters and ideas are all over the place. Their engagement is wholehearted, the results are uncertain. Frequently a glittering insight will be thrown up from the dust and the skirmishing, or a shard of human sadness or wicked enjoyment. Other times the ideas submerge just as they are about to crystallize, or characters tire and blur. At the end the reader may well be unsatisfied, but that is not the same as dissatisfied. It is closer to art to be left unfilled and wanting more than to be sated and wanting less, as tends to happen in out pile-on culture. I finished 'Galatea' not totally sure of the destination but with a vivid memory of points along the way.
Genre: Medical
Published: Jan 2004
Publisher: Picador USA
ISBN13: 9780312423131
ISBN10: 0312423136
Pages: 336