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Worthy Vessels: Clay in the Hands of the Master Potter
Hardcover  Hardcover  
The Holy Spirit led her to go to the Potter's house, and He would speak to her there. It contains wonderful revelation of God's heart, and the ways that He works in the heart's of His children, so that they can be Transformed into vessels, not for common use, but vessels of great value--for glorified use: the carriers if His Presence . This book is so rich and full of insights, it is one of my all-time favorite books and is very well written. Nell Kennedy is trained with a degree in journalism. I treasure this and Love to give it as gifts. I have bought several (like 10 ) over the years and given them away as gifts, second hand. It is just so good, so rich with Insight, Wisdom, and revelation of the true Heart of God. I wish more people would discover it and that they would start printing it again. She wrote this while living in Japan and it is rich with insights revealed to her by God through the prophet Jeremiah's writings and through the complicated and committed process of making very good quality pottery vessels....VERY, VERY GOOD BOOK. It has really helped me in my walk with God, and in trusting Him during the painful times of my life. It is a Guidepost along my path with Him. If you want to really know God and understand His Ways with you, BUY THIS BOOK ! !
Genre: Miscellaneous
Published: Jun 1985
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN13: 9780310471004
ISBN10: 0310471001