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The Twilight of the Idols and the Anti-Christ: Or How to Philosophize with a Hammer
Paperback  Paperback  
"Twilight of the Idols", an attack on all the prevalent ideas of his time, offers a lightning tour of his whole philosophy. It also prepares the way for "The Anti-Christ", a final assault on institutional Christianity. Both works show Nietzsche lashing out at self-deception, astounded at how often morality is based on vengefulness and resentment. Both reveal a profound understanding of human mean-spiritedness which still cannot destroy the underlying optimism of Nietzsche, the supreme affirmer among the great philosophers.
Genre: Philosophy
Published: Feb 1990
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN13: 9780140445145
ISBN10: 0140445145
Co-Author: Michael Tanner
Editor: R. J. Hollingdale
Pages: 208