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The Acharnians: And the Clouds (And) Lysistrata
Paperback  Paperback  
Writing at the time of political and social crisis in Athens Aristophanes was an eloquent yet bawdy challenger to the demagogue and the sophist. The Achanians is a plea for peace set against the background of the long war with Sparta. In Lysistrata a band of women tap into the awesome power of sex in order to end a war. The darker comedy of The Clouds satirizes Athenian philosophers, Socrates in particular, and reflects the uncertainties of a generation in which all traditional religious and ethical beliefs were being challenged.
Genre: Drama
Published: Sep 1987
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN13: 9780140442878
ISBN10: 0140442871
Co-Author: Alan H. Sommerstein
Pages: 255