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Sins of a Wicked Duke
Mass Market  Mass Market  
She works to live Fallon O'Rourke would go only so far to earn a living. She won't prostitute herself, but she will deceive Penniless and without family, she has always had to look out for herself. Unfairly dismissed, Fallon takes a position in the Duke of Damon's household as a footman! Disguised as a man, she will finally be free of lecherous gentlemen who would harass her. Only she soon learns she has landed herself in the devil's very own den. Nothing has prepared her for London's most renowned libertine, a brutally handsome duke who excels at games of seduction. How long can her deception last when she begins to wish she is one of the many women traipsing in and out of the sinful rogue's bedchamber?He lives to sin...Lord Dominic Hale, the Duke of Damon, better known as the Demon Duke for his life of debauchery and excess, cares only to forget the tragedies of his childhood. Like any nobleman, he never looks too closely at the servants in his employ, and yet the new footman is peculiar. Once he discovers that his new footman is a woman - and a fetching bit of baggage at that! - Dominic vows to punish the chit for her deception, and what better way than making the prickly Fallon his next conquest? Only he never expects his heart could be the price.
Genre: Romance
Published: Apr 2009
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN13: 9780061579172
ISBN10: 0061579173
Pages: 369