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how my items page works

Your Items page is where you list all the books or audiobooks you would like to swap or you have but have not read/listened to yet. You can use the simple "Add ISBN:" box to enter 10 or 12 digit ISBN numbers from the back of the book or audiobook jewel case. The items title will display and another "Add ISBN:" box will appear. Please make sure you specify the item's condition in the drop down menu. You can add as many titles in this manner as you choose. Simply click the "Add All" button when finished. There are also convenient "Bulk Upload" and "Condition Definitions" links above the "Add ISBN:" box.

Once your items are added, they will display under the "Add ISBN:" box. You will have an opportunity to rate the item, change the condition, put the item on hold so it will not generate into a swap, add a note, or remove it. The tabs at the top of the page allow you to change views between Books, Audiobooks, and your To Be Read/Listend to lists. You can also search or sort the items in your items list.

Your To Be Read/Listend allows you to queue up titles you have, but have not read or listened to yet. These titles will not generate into swaps. You can see how many members have the book or audiobook on their Wish List and there is a convenience "To Items" button to move the title to your Items page when your are finised with it.

Direct Send is designed to sends books or audiobooks directly to a specific member or nonmember. It allows you to add items manually or choose items from your My Items list.