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Old Maid's Puzzle
Paperback  Paperback  
After her mother's unexpected death last year, computer-techie-turned-novice-quilter Dewey Pellicano is learning to love her new inherited role as proprietress of Quilter Paradiso. But when a dead body turns up in the alley outside the store, it scares off customers and threatens to sink an already precarious bottom line. To make matters worse, Dewey's resentful QP employee (who's also her sister-in-law) is undermining her at every turn, and now a con artist is preying on her long-time customers. Steeped in debt and overshadowed by the second murder in two years, Quilter Paradiso, this last tie to Dewey's mother, is about to be cut for good. All Dewey's hopes are on the twentieth anniversary sale and upcoming landmark event - QP on national TV. With the help of her smolderingly hot detective boyfriend Buster Healy, can Dewey sew up the loose threads to this all-too-familiar deadly pattern and save her shop?
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Dec 2008
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing
ISBN13: 9781597228725
ISBN10: 1597228729
Pages: 381