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Beet the Vandel Buster, Vol. 1
Paperback  Paperback  
BEET THE VANDEL BUSTER takes place during 'The Dark Century,' an age where demons known as 'Vandels' are unleashing monsters that terrorize people throughout the world. To rid the world of all the Vandels, Beet, a boy from the remote region known as 'Uncruz,' endures three years of training and sets out on his quest to defeat the Vandels. Hidden at his chest, Beet carries with him five supreme weapons called Saiga, inherited from five Vandel Busters (including his brother Zenon). Together with his childhood friend Poala, Beet begins his journey as a Vandel Buster, destined to one day become the king of adventures.
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Published: Oct 2004
Publisher: Viz Media
ISBN13: 9781591166900
ISBN10: 159116690X
Co-Author: Riku Sanjo
Editor: Koji Inada
Pages: 200