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Why a Daughter Needs a Mom
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Mothers and daughters often see themselves when they look at each other: mothers seeing themselves as a child again and daughters glimpsing the woman they will likely become. While this can be frightening at times, it also can be comforting. A daughter needs her mother to tell her the journey from girl to woman is more exciting than frightening and, with the blessing of children and grandchildren, the journey never ends. In his relationship with his own daughter, Greg Lang admits that while she once was his 'playful partner in crime' and 'most adoring audience,' she now turns to her mother for consolation and understanding. 'Mothers are the best listeners,' he writes, 'whether the news is good or bad. Moms know the reason for tears need not always be explained, but a big hug, a laugh, and chocolate always make things brighter.' A mom is a daughter's role model through each stage of life, and wise and fortunate mothers are able to stay one step ahead of their daughters' development along the way. A mother's comfort soothes hurt feelings from playground to prom, from first-job pitfalls to first-pregnancy concerns. There is no substitute in a daughter's life for Mom. With charming photographs of mothers and daughters of various backgrounds and ages, Why a Daughter Needs a Mom will inspire mothers everywhere to empower their daughters to reach their full potential in becoming strong, purposeful, independent women.
Genre: Family & Relationships
Published: Mar 2004
Publisher: Cumberland House Publishing
ISBN13: 9781581823806
ISBN10: 1581823800
Pages: 128