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Developmental Parenting: A Guide for Early Childhood Practitioners
Paperback  Paperback  
The parenting-focused model in this book shows home visitors how to put parents and other caregivers confidently in charge of guiding and supporting their young children's development. When parents are warm, responsive, encouraging, and communicative - the key elements of developmental parenting - they lay the foundation for young children's school readiness, social competence, and mental health. Home visitors and other early childhood professionals will learn the ABCs of facilitating developmental parenting: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Content. This how-to guidebook includes all the support early childhood professionals need to facilitate developmental parenting effectively.
Genre: Social Science
Published: Jan 2008
Publisher: Brookes Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9781557669766
ISBN10: 1557669767
Co-Author: Lisa K. Boyce
Editor: Mark S. Innocenti
Pages: 227