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Destiny's Daughter
Mass Market  Mass Market  
When the mysterious package arrives on her doorstep, Bryony St. Blaze knows instinctively that her life is about to change forever. For inside, she finds her father's research, gathered from his years of devoted study to an ancient, magical book. And after reading the material, Bryony is forced to conclude that her father's death was no accident. He was deliberately murdered by a secret order known as the Abbey of the Divine -- who are after the missing book.

Now, determined to track down the killers herself, Bryony travels to Scotland to find Hamish Neville, a historian with whom her father had an ongoing correspondence.

After an attempt is made on Bryony's life, the two are forced to go into hiding, completely dependent on one another for their very survival. Piece by piece, they painstakingly assemble the puzzle to locate the lost book. But time is running out. Can they unlock the mysteries of the hidden treasure before the secret order catches up with them?

Genre: Romance
Published: Dec 2001
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN13: 9781551667829
ISBN10: 1551667827
Pages: 402