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Deep Black: Sea of Terror Deep Black: Sea of Terror
CD Audiobook  CD Audiobook  
THE ENEMY IS ON BOARD. Two massive ships are on a dual path to destruction. One is a freighter carrying nuclear materials to Japan; the other, a cruise ship heading for the Mediterranean. Neither will reach their destinations. Two factions—Japanese eco-terrorists and Middle East extremists—have joined forces to infiltrate the ships, incapacitate the crew, and change course toward a common target: the United States of America. DETONATION HOUR IS APPROACHING. In Washington, Charlie Dean and a team of commandos are dispatched on a life-or-death mission to blow the hijackers’ plot out of the water. Their plan: board the ship unnoticed, pose as ordinary passengers, and overtake the terrorists. But time is running out. The seized ships are crossing the Atlantic with the combined strength of a full-scale nuclear torpedo. And New York City is just on the horizon.… “Coonts knows how to write and build suspense. . . a natural storyteller.” — The New York Times Book Review “The master of the techno-thriller.” — Publishers Weekly
Genre: War & Military
Published: Jan 2011
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
ISBN13: 9781423344216
ISBN10: 1423344219
Narrator: William H. Keith
Editor: Phil Gigante
Discs: 5