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Sweet Talkin' Demon
Mass Market  Mass Market  


His story's sweet, his method's new --

But this man's so perfect, he can't be true.

Find the secret, find his source

Or an Innocent's life may run its course....

Phoebe can't believe her luck -- finally, she's met the perfect guy. Daniel's got everything going for him and Phoebe's smitten. Smitten, that is, until Paige, trying to figure out what the weird thing is about this guy, sees a demon in Daniel's living room. Sure, Daniel's more perfect than anyone should be, but in league with a demon? Phoebe can't believe it.

Phoebe's not the only one having trouble with love. Leo's been so busy with his Whitelighter duties, he seems to have forgotten about his wife and son. And to make matters in the Manor even worse, Paige fears she's lost her powers. Life with the Charmed Ones is never a walk in the park, but things seem to be getting out of control. Can the sisters set everything straight before their lives fall into utter chaos?

Genre: Fantasy & Magic
Published: May 2006
Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN13: 9781416914693
ISBN10: 1416914692
Co-Author: Constance M. Burge
Pages: 187