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Highland Scandal
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Jack Haines, The Earl of Lambourne, has been accused of adultery with the Princess of Wales and has fled to his native Scotland until the scandal subsides. But Jack gets word from his sister that the Prince of Wales has sent men after Jack, with instructions to bring him back to London to face charges. The message includes the warning that if he is found guilty of adultery with the princess, he could hang. His sister urges him to flee deeper into the Highlands. In a remote corner of the Highlands Jack is apprehended by two Scots bounty hunters who offer him a deal: They won't turn him over to the prince's men if Jack helps them with a family problem. They need him to get engaged to their sister to ward off a suitor from a powerful rival clan who is intent on controlling their land. Facing a choice between being hanged in London and pretending to woo a lass, Jack agrees to the bounty hunters' demand. But the task becomes more challenging when Jack meets the men's beautiful, fiery-spirited sister.
Genre: Romance
Published: Apr 2009
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9781416547105
ISBN10: 141654710X
Pages: 400