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Cat on a Blue Monday
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Carole Nelson Douglas, award-winning author of the acclaimed 'Good Night, Mr. Holmes,' captivated a host of new readers with 'Catnap,' the first novel in an irresistible new mystery series featuring Midnight Louie -- a jet-black tomcat with an appetite for mystery and an attitude right out of Damon Runyon -- and his red-haired human companion Temple Barr, a publicist in the glittering Las Vegas media scene. 'Pussyfoot,' the sequel to 'Catnap,' was an even bigger success, and mystery fans have been eagerly awaiting the next volume in the series.
'Cat on a Blue Monday' is well worth the wait. Someone is stalking prize-winning purebreds at the annual Las Vegas Cat Show, and Midnight Louie is off on the prowl again. As Louie, aided by a telepathic Birman cat named Karma, follows the scent of the killer, Temple is delving into the past of Matt Devine, the handsome young hotline counselor who's captured her heart. Soon Louie and Temple find themselves up to their tails in blackmail, extortion, and cold-blooded murder. Fans of foul play, feisty female detectives, and feline forensics are sure to find 'Cat on a Blue Monday' just their saucer of milk.
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Dec 1994
Publisher: Forge
ISBN13: 9780812534412
ISBN10: 0812534417
Pages: 384