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Dakota Home
Mass Market  Mass Market  
New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber returns to Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, a close-knit farming community struggling to survive in an increasingly industrial world. 'Never say die' is the motto for Buffalo Valley and its resilient citizens, including newcomer Maddy Washburn, first introduced in Dakota Born, her best friend, teacher Lindsay Sinclair, Lindsay's husband, Gage, and Jeb McKenna, a local rancher whose tragic accident has left scars much deeper than the loss of his leg. More and more isolated since the tractor calamity, Jeb does not welcome pretty Lindsay's friendly overtures. But when Lindsay is stranded in a vicious winter storm, Jeb saves her life, warming her with his own body heat--and steamy caresses. Jeb feels the ice encasing his heart start to thaw with each sweet embrace. In this second installment in a trilogy, longtime Macomber fans and new recruits will welcome Buffalo Valley's extensive cast of quirky characters with open arms. --Alison Trinkle
Genre: Religious
Published: Dec 2007
Publisher: Mira Books
ISBN13: 9780778323938
ISBN10: 0778323935
Pages: 410