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Cold Moon Rising
Mass Market  Mass Market  


Former Mafia hit man Tony Giodone has been through a lot in the past two years. First, in Hunter's Moon, he's turned into a werewolf -- but-'his mate is human. By Moon's Web he's become part of a wolf pack run-'by an even tougher mob boss than his old one. Plus he's a pretty-'powerful psychic -- he can see the past through other people's-'memories!

Now Tony has to deal with more mobsters, an unhappy girlfriend, intensifying psychic visions, and a cabal of Sazi mass murderers who are trying to exterminate humanity.

There's one man who might be able to help Tony stop the cabal: Ahmad, the leader of the snakes. -'But Ahmad's got his own agenda, as Tony finds out when their psychic link deepens. -'Now Tony is along for the psychic ride as the former crown prince of an ancient empire is faced with his deadliest enemy . . . a woman he once loved who he was forced to betray.

Genre: Romance
Published: Aug 2009
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN13: 9780765359643
ISBN10: 0765359642
Co-Author: Cathy Clamp
Pages: 384