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Category 7
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Kate Sherman is a brilliant young meteorologist who can't understand how she recently missed predicting three major stormsG''storms that cut into the profits of her employer, Coriolis Industries.-' Afraid of being fired, Kate throws herself into an analysis of the strange stormsG''and headlong into the path of a secret plot that may cost her her life!

Hurricane Simone is a Category 7G''the biggest, strongest storm in recorded historyG''and she's clawing her way up the East Coast.-' When she hits New York City, skyscrapers will fall.-' Subways and tunnels will flood.-' Lower Manhattan and much of Queens and Brooklyn will disappear under more than thirty feet of water.-' Thousands, if not millions, will die.-'

Created by secret, cutting-edge weather science, Simone is not just an unnatural disasterG''she's a weapon.-' Kate and CIA weatherman Jake Baxter must figure out how to stop the storm before she flattens New York City . . . and identify Simone's master before he has them both killed.-'

Genre: Thrillers
Published: Aug 2008
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN13: 9780765356710
ISBN10: 0765356716
Co-Author: Marianna Jameson
Pages: 370