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The Moonlight Man
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Since their mother died, fifteen-year-old Jenny Joslin and her little sister, Allie, have moved seven times with their father, who is trying to put the past behind them. Jenny finally feels at home when she sees their new house in the woods -- until a restless young man appears on teh back porch. Solemn, handsome, silent -- he can only be seen in the dark. He doesn't respond to Jenny's voice. And he will not leave until he gets what he came for. Now, it's up to Jenny to figure out who he is -- and why he is terrorizing the residents of Crescent Lane. They all seem so innocent. But are they?
Genre: Horror & Ghost Stories
Published: Sep 2005
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN13: 9780590252386
ISBN10: 0590252380
Pages: 181