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Born to Be Wild
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Sunday Cavendish is the woman everyone loves to hate. Independent, outspoken and brazenly sexy, she’s clearly the star of the popular soap opera, Born To Be Wild, despite her character’s machinations.

But Mary Lisa Beverly isn't Sunday - except in front of the cameras. So when a car practically runs her over in idyllic Malibu, she realizes she needs some time off to escape. Returning home to Oregon, quickly reminds her why she left three years ago. Her ex-fianc and the sister she found in bed with him are now married, her mother barely tolerates her, and she can’t remember the last time she had a date. Her father alone is her refuge, that is, until she meets someone off-limits.

When the attacks on her life continue after her return to LaLaLand, Mary Lisa turns to her friends and neighbors, her true family, for support. But she doesn’t expect to turn to the last man she ever expected to show up on her doorstep. With the threat of danger lurking in every shadow, Mary Lisa must learn to trust her hometown adversary with her life and her heart.
Genre: Romance
Published: Aug 2006
Publisher: Jove Books
ISBN13: 9780515142396
ISBN10: 0515142395
Pages: 354