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The Confessor
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Gabriel Allon is not only an art restorer (working in Venice at the moment on a Bellini fresco) but a Mossad hit man. When he's wrenched from his day job and dispatched to find out who killed one of the Mossad agents, he's reluctant at first, but as he gets drawn into the case he begins to uncover some disturbing revelations about possible collaboration in WWII between the Catholic Church and the Nazis. His own life is increasingly endangered as he pursues his quarry--and so is the life of the current pope, who has threatened to expose the scandal and has been targeted as a result.
Genre: Espionage
Published: Feb 2004
Publisher: Signet Book
ISBN13: 9780451211484
ISBN10: 0451211480
Pages: 480