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Wishful Thinking
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Benjamin Bartholomew Piff thought all of his wishes had finally come trueaheas traded in his soggy cot at Pinchas Home for Wayward Boys for a Feathered Funicula at the Wishworks Factory. Heas even been named manager of Kidsa Birthday Wishes (ages 3a12)aand he canat wait to settle in to his new (and improved ) life. But when Ben slips briefly and reveals his identity, his spoiled cousin Penelope Piff figures out his new job. She quickly learns how to get in on the sweet life of magic, but her wishes are anything but sugar and spice and everything nice. This is one Penny that brings nothing but bad luck Will Ben and his friends be able to save Candlewick and the Wishworks Factory from Pennyas conniving clutchesabefore she destroys it completely?
Genre: Fantasy & Magic
Published: Jul 2007
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN13: 9780448444970
ISBN10: 0448444976
Co-Author: Jason Lethcoe
Pages: 228