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The Temple and the Stone
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Like a chain-mail Tom Clancy thriller, The Temple and the Stone is a big, brash story full of political machination, conspiracy, and macho heroes. The forces of good here are the legendary Knights Templar, protectors of the Temple of Jerusalem, and their fearsome opponents are the evil worshipers of the old gods. Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris conceive of an alternate history in which the Templars guard the astral manifestations of the Kingdom of God as well as the physical realm. The titular stone is not only the traditional seat of Scottish monarchs but also the cornerstone for a new holy temple. The heroic knights Arnault, Brabant, and Torquil must restore the stone's powers and fight the black-magic designs of the Pictish Comyns--all while fulfilling their knightly duties in the dangerous conflicts between fiercely independent Scotland and an increasingly powerful England. This is richly satisfying historical fantasy, with a magical twist. --Therese Littleton
Genre: Fantasy
Published: Sep 1999
Publisher: Grand Central Pub
ISBN13: 9780446607230
ISBN10: 0446607231
Pages: 544