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Can You Keep a Secret?
Paperback  Paperback  
Unfailingly optimistic Emma Corrigan has a problem. During an episode of flight turbulence, she tells her troubles (the job she hates, the seemingly perfect boyfriend she is not sure she loves) to the handsome man sitting next to her. Then, who walks into her office the next morning but the man from the flight--who turns out to be Jack Harper, the American CEO of Panther Cola, in for a weeklong visit. The author of the SHOPAHOLIC trilogy delivers hilarious antics involving Emma, Lissy her work-crazed best friend, Jemima their awful flatmate--and of course, Jack, the man who knows all her secrets.
Genre: Humorous
Published: Mar 2005
Publisher: Dial Press
ISBN13: 9780385338080
ISBN10: 0385338082
Pages: 368