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A Crooked Little House
Mass Market  Mass Market  

A house of cards -- A pack of lies

Her husband, Willis, calls her a "danger junkie." But suburban Texas mom and romance writer E.J. Pugh believes that the truth is something that must always be pursued no matter perilous the path that leads to it.

When her black sheep sister-in-law is arrested for the murder of a young homeless woman, E.J. is unwilling to simply accept the swift judgement f her husband's family that June is a lost cause, good for nothing but trouble. The Pughs have never forgiven Juney for the tragic death of Willis's brother, yet E.J. feels certain she's innocent of this crime. But the plucky sometime-sleuth's investigation could topple of a very fragile house of cards with shocking revelations of sex, drugs and depravity. . .and brings E.J.'s own happy homelife crashing down as well.

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Jan 1999
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN13: 9780380794690
ISBN10: 0380794691