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Sprig Muslin
Paperback  Paperback  
Sir Gareth Ludlow is a sought-after bachelor in London high societyG''wealthy, noble, handsomeGă¬and brokenhearted since the death of his true love many years ago. Resigned to remarry, Sir Gareth solicits the hand of a woman he respects and admiresG''Lady Hester Theale. But fate takes an impish turn when, on his way to ask for Lady Hester, Sir Gareth encounters a saucy young lady who identifies herself as 'Amanda Smith.'

Amanda is alone and unchaperoned, and her imaginative tales take on a life of their own, sweeping up Sir Gareth, Lady Hester and several other hapless victims in a series of unexpected adventures. And no one, especially Sir Gareth, will ever be the same again.Gă¬

Genre: Romance
Published: May 2009
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN13: 9780373773862
ISBN10: 0373773862
Pages: 288