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At Long Last, a Bride
Mass Market  Mass Market  
She would give up anything for him…

Even though Dixie Callaghan had been in love with Joe McCoy since they were teenagers, she knew he'd never be happy living a small-town life, as her small-town husband. So she had to let him fly. Even if it meant flying away from her….

He would give up anything for her…

For years, his and Dixie's had been a can't-live-with-her/can't-live-without-her existence. Well, no more! It was time for his now ex-fiancee to stand on her own two feet. Even if it meant she was walking away from him.

So why were all roads leading back to Chance City? And into each other's arms…

Genre: Romance
Published: May 2010
Publisher: Silhouette Books
ISBN13: 9780373655250
ISBN10: 0373655258
Pages: 224