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The Best American Crime Reporting 2008
Paperback  Paperback  

Thieves, liars, killers, and conspiratorsG''it's a criminal world out there, and someone has got to write about it. An eclectic collection of the year's best reportage, The Best American Crime Reporting 2008 brings together the murderers and the master-'minds, the mysteries and missteps that make for brilliant stories, told by the aces of the true-crime genre. This latest addition to the highly acclaimed series features guest editor Jonathan Kellerman, bestselling author of more than twenty crime novels, most recently Compulsion and the forthcoming Bones.

Genre: True Crime
Published: Sep 2008
Publisher: Harper Perennial
ISBN13: 9780061490835
ISBN10: 0061490830
Co-Author: Otto Penzler
Editor: Thomas H. Cook
Pages: 329