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More Bitter Than Death
Mass Market  Mass Market  

In an historic, if isolated, New England hotel, some of the most respected names in archaeology are coming together to celebrate the work of Julius Garrison, a legend in the field. It's a conference Emma Fielding is determined to attend -- braving a furious winter storm to get there -- even though Garrison is no friend to her or her family.And when the honoree's lifeless body is discovered outside the snow-bound inn, Emma suddenly finds she is a murder suspect, along with a surprising number of the other guests. The bitterness widely spread by a cantankerous old man has had fatal consequences, forcing Emma Fielding to put her archaeological skills to forensic use to uncover the truth. But a strange series of thefts and attacks -- and eerie rumors about a ghostly prowler -- suggest that truth may be more deadly than Emma imagines.

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Jun 2005
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN13: 9780060554637
ISBN10: 0060554630
Pages: 318